Sunday, February 05, 2006

Off to Trinidad & Tobago

Football Fever and the Soca Warriors

I am glad I am able to set up this blog before I leave for Trinidad & Tobago on Monday. I went there in December to work with writer Peter Hossli on a story for the Swiss 'Sportmagazin' because Trinidad & Tobago and their team, the SOCA WARRIORS, has qualified for the 2006 World Cup in Germany !!! Congratulations !!

We did interviews with just about Michael Maurice, the coach for the goal keeper of the Nartional Team, photographed at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. He was the goal keeper for the National Team in 1989 when Trinidad lost the game to qualify for the World Cup against the USA at the same stadium. He sure is at peace again.

Howard Chin Lee, minister of tourism, at his Port of Spain office. He has big plans for the world Cup and can't wait to present his country and its culture in Germany.

Local sports reporters Nigel Simon (left) and Jovan Ravello at the 'Guardian', one of three daily newspapers in Trinidad. They are the heartbeat of Trinidad's sport reporting these days.

These two ladies are representing the Football Association at a football joggling contest at Maracas beach, which did not happen due to heavy rains. Hence the wrapped footballs...

Peter O'Conner, Marketing manager of the football association of Trinidad & Tobago, checks in with Soca Warriors (from left to right) Aurtis Whitley, midfielder, Cyd Gray, defender, and Steve Sealey, forward, at the Trinidad & Tobago Football association's office in Port of Spain

My friend Awo happens to drive by on his bike on Frederick Street in Port of Spain

Pat Bishop, head of the Carnival Institue in front of her house....

A player from Providence Girls Highschool, the champion team of Trinidad & Tobago,2005, at Queens Park Savannah with her mother.

My good friend and filmaker Harald Rumpf is about to shoot a documentary about the life Aquino, a boy who lives in Cocorite and is one of Trinidad's Moko Jumbies (stilt dancer). Work on the film, which will be produced for a German tv channel, will continue in February.

I have traveled to T&T many times since 1986 and have published a book titled MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad. Besides that I took countless pictures for my friend, the German artist Luise Kimme, who lives in Tobago since 1979 and whom I will visit again on this trip. We will work on a book about her work. Dogs rule in her house, she has eight of them. More about her in one of my next posts.

Another German artist, Nini Lorenza, who also lives in Black Rock, Tobago, shows off in her self made coffin. Don't worry, she is alive. Her house is decorated down to the smallest detail. No phone that is not being turned into art.

...more soon from Trinidad & Tabago....

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  1. Thanks for capturing some nostaligic feelings for me;your photographs are very professional.

    Another example of the world wide attention and promotion of our nations. Makes my morning!!!!

    While this has some sentimental appeal, in my opinion , it does not fully represent the twin nations adequately. It does instill some nostalgic memories and does capture an array of diverse people and scenes. I hope to see more diversity;more scenes and more enriched balance of our nations' peoples, pride and accomplishments.

  2. Really spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful country with your friends. I will put it now on my list of places to go before I cannot go further.

  3. nice to see my country being higlighted on your blog, but like every other non trini. you seem to capture the rural aspect of existence of a caribbean state, this stereotype, i assume, sells, as the assumption that we all laze around all day, drinking coconuts and waiting for the next miss universe show on tv to look at.the culture is as diverse as it can get and the images reflect a sort of ghettorian existence that is not a reflection of our twin island state. but i welcome the promo. its a start

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    allaboutme.... well said....

    He should also try and get linked with the #1 site of T&T were fans enjoy themselves away from home. They will be more than happy to help out with any info he may need on T&T.

  5. thank you for your comments, Clyde and allaboutme, first, if you went through all my 'Trinidad ad Tobago' labeled posts, you would see much more than I could show in this one post, and second, the site was one of the first who discovered and linked my blog to their site, they are listed as such in my 'you link me I link you' list.

    All the best, Stefan

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