Friday, March 24, 2006


I photographed this angry young man in Lithuania last year, while on assignment for a German tv production company. He is German actor Ken Duken, portraying Germany's one and only pirate (!) Klaus Störtebeker, who lived in the 14th century and roamed the northern seas to capture foreign ships. Well, some German ones, too. He gets angry when his pretty lady (French actrice Claire Keim) can't resist his adversarie's advances, but they will get even, so much I can tell.

Stills and documentary photography on movie sets is often my 'bread and butter' work, and I love doing it because the assignments are usually longterm and give me, besides a continuing salary, the chance to get to know the people I work with better then on a short term story. And there are great images everywhere! It is quiet challenging because one often has to deal with the most impossible light situations besides trying not to disturb other people's work while still producing your shots. Getting along with everybody from driver to director is rule number one on this kind of job. I consider myself very lucky, the dozen movies or so I have worked on where all great experiences. Very interesting people included, like the Director of Photography of this movie, Peter Indergand, also shot 'WAR PHOTOGRAPHER', the documentary on James Nachtwey.

Störtebeker, a two part mini series for German tv, will air April 15 and 16. Director: Miguel Alexandre Screenplay: Walter Kaerger Director of Photography: Peter Indergand Editor: Andreas Herzog Production Design: Petra Heim, Mathias Heinze Producer: Stephan Bechtle
Production Company: Bavaria Film/Munich, in co-production with ARD Degeto Film/Frankfurt, NDR/Hamburg, MDR/Leipzig, WDR/Cologne, SWR/Baden-Baden, BR/Munich, ORF/Vienna
Principal Cast: Ken Duken, Gottfried John, Stephan Luca, Frank Giering, Jochen Nickel, Claire Keim, Gudrun Landgrebe, Timo Dierkes, Antonio Wannek, Paula Riemann