Monday, July 16, 2007

Linus Coraggio

I wish I had known the artist Linus Coraggio from when he had a studio at 'Gas Station' at Avenue B and 2nd on the Lower east Side from '86 to '95. I could have documented the change of that neighborhood by documenting his work, since he is one of these super creative minds who turned that area into an open art space. Could have, should have....I am glad I got the chance to photograph him and his work just recently for a booklet which will be given to selected clients during his show at the Michael Steinberg Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea. His welded bikes and chairs are a must is the rest of his work. The exhibition is open from July 19th - September 15th 2007

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  1. looks like a fun show. now i'm back in nyc I can check it out. too bad I missed the Strange Fruit company; they look wild!