Thursday, March 18, 2021

La Frontera exhibition in Zingst - Germany


Dear reader, I am happy 
to announce the opening of my exhibition:
in Zingst, Germany!!
Max Hünten Haus Zingst 
Click for more information and/or interview (in German)
After three months of closure due to the lockdown, the Max Hünten House reopened on March 15th. Photography Zingst presents my exhibition 
“La Frontera - Artists on the US-Mexican Border” 
I photographed about 200 artists on both sides of the border since 2008, my project is about showing culture and humanity in the region. You can now see these 25 of the artists from both sides of the border in this photo exhibition: 
Aldo Guerra, Alejandro Zacarias, Alfredo Gutierrez, Alida Cervantes, Angel Cabrales, Annie Alvarez, Ariana Escudero, Canamo, Carlos Coronado, Cesar Hayashi, Glenn Weyant, Javier Galavis, Juan Amparano, Manuel Miranda, Marta Palau, Mauricio Saenz, Opera Divas, Pablo Llana, Rigoberto A. Gonzalez, Taller Yonke, Tom Kiefer (1st photo below), Josue Castro (in photo above, with umbrella), Mark Clark (2nd photo below), Raechel Running (3rd photo below), and Siki Carpio.

More installation photos soon on instagram: @borderartists and @stefanfalke_portfolio
The exhibition duration: until May 2nd, 2021

 Exhibition installation photos by Lars Heidemann

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