Friday, December 01, 2006

Coney Island

Since it was 20 degrees celsius last night (remind you, it is Nov 30.!!), I ventured out to Coney Island to continue my night-time-image-search. It was quiet successful, I must say. I spent a long time on the famous boardwalk, with only the occasional jogger passing by. Very peaceful, very pleasant.

The skeleton of a former 277-foot Parachute Jump tower, which was closed in 1965, came back to life this July when a light show was installed. It now switches its colours quickly from dark blue to pink to dark, and all over again, all night. I absolutely love it.

Needless to say that the Wonder Wheel is closed for the winter and visitors like me have to watch it from a distance, the gates are locked.

I strongly suggest to the reader to check out photographer Peter Granser's website,
he produced an amazing book on Coney Island.

...oh these famous planks are aging like the rest of us...


  1. great photographs Stefan, inspirational!

  2. Anonymous1:36 AM

    I like the photo of the plans Stefan. As I learn more about photography I realise the value in looking down, and up, to find new views of familiar subjects. All the best in '07. By the way, got the Moko Jumbie book and it's gorgeous! Too bad it's so poorly marketed here in Trinidad.

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    great photographe