Monday, February 13, 2006

Hosay in St. James

I had often heard about Hosay in Trinidad's St. James, but always missed it for various reasons. This year I was finally able to attend the festivities along St. James' main road and it was quite an experience.

A group of Tassa drummers from St. James will travel to Germany in June in support of the 'Soca Warriors', who qualified for the Football World Cup.

The nightly prossessions along St. James main road went on for three days. I decided not to use any electronic flash, which I avoid whenever I can. I shot at 3200 ASA instead.

The hosay houses or tadjahs like the one below, which was built by 71 year old Owen Donald Simmons in Cocorite, are destroyed at the end of the festivities. Family members gather at the yard and load pieces onto a truck, which will simply dump its cargo into the nearby ocean. I expected some kind of a ceremony, but the end was swift and final.

And a last journey takes its course...

To the Caribbean Sea

Till next year!



  1. Great pics! Missing though the final - throwing of the house into the seas!!! I found some interesting background on the Hosay (or Hussain) shiite tradition here

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Stefan,
    Richard told me that you took pictures of Hosay, and I thought that I would take a look. I really liked them. I was especially moved by the fact that you showed what happens at the very end of the celebrations, something that I have never seen photographed before. After Carnival we have the Hindu celebration of Phagwa, I can't wait to see what you do for that.
    PS: The image of the men in their socks, can you tell me a bit about why they chose to do that. I like your writing as well, as I told you, when it comes from the
    heart that's all you ever need.