Sunday, March 12, 2006

Carnival Fanatic Ray Funk

A few days before Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago I was invited to a tv show called ‘Dingolay with Ratiray’. The host Ray Funk is a self described Carnival fanatic and trial judge (!) from Alaska (!).
The show was produced by the local tv station 'Gayelle', which is run by Christopher Laird. He gave Ray 13 one hour shows during the Carnival season to present brief performances and interviews on different aspects of calypso, pan, mas and related carnival arts.
I was invited along with artist Laura Barbata Anderson and ‘Dragon’ Glen De Souza to present my book on Dragon’s Moko Jumbie school and to talk about their band for 2006, which was designed by Laura.
On Carnival Tuesday I found Ray waiting to play mas himself with Peter Minshall’s ‘Sacret Heart’ band.

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