Saturday, March 18, 2006

Earl Lovelace

I had taken annual trips to Trinidad and Tobago for quiet some time already, when somebody suggested to me to read a book called 'The Dragon Can't Dance' by Trinbagonian writer Earl Lovelace. It was not only a wonderful book to read, but also a real eye opener for me who tried to understand the nation'a society and it's compassion for the Carnival.
Funny enough, a few years later I should start to work on a long term project portraying a stilt walking school in Cocorite, Trinidad, whose founder's name is 'Dragon'. And he CAN dance !
I felt very honored and lucky when Earl Lovelace, who received the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Overall Winner, Best Book) for his novel 'Salt', agreed to write an introduction for the book which resulted from my project 'MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad'.
His other titles include 'While Gods Are Falling', 'The Schoolmaster', 'The Wine of Astonishment'. He lives and works in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

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