Thursday, August 10, 2006

St. Paul's Chapel and 9/11

The Foreign Press Center arranged for a meeting with The Reverend H. Hoke, Th.D., at the St. Pauls Chapel on Broadway in lower Manhattan. The Chapel, just behind the World Trade Center, was spared during the 9/11 attacks and served as a relief and rescue center. The Reverend, who was at the nearby Trinity Church when the planes hit the towers, is shown here with a dramatic photograph taken by the French photographer Christophe Agou (

Today the St. Paul's Chapel is a memorial site with more then 30.000 visitors monthly. For more information about the Chapel go to or read this story by The Reverend Lyndon Harris at National Geographic

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  1. I really like the St. Paul's Chapel photo. I guess it's the juxtaposition of the colours in both rooms.

    On the other hand, may I ask why Moko Jumbies?