Saturday, January 20, 2007

PortSide New York

Once in a while I come across people who are following a goal with an amazing determination. Carolina Salguero, a photojournalist turned founder and director of PortSide New York, is certainly one of them. I photographed her while she had her (!) oiltanker (!) Mary Whalen, which is 172’ long and weighs 613 gross tons, pushed by a tugboat from Red Hook to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. There the tanker's hull will be fixed in an historic dry dock. The ship will ultimately travel back to Red Hook where she is 'envisioned as PortSide's homebase and a physical attraction and event location'.

Please forgive me for not writing more about this exciting project here, more information at either and/or and/or the Daily News
View Carolina Salguero's work as a photojournalist at
The Mary Whalen at the Brooklyn Navy Yard's dry dock #1 on Sunday, January 21.

Sandblasting Monday night, January 22. (I often hesitate to go to a location at night, thinking it is not worth it. But the images usually turn out more interesting or dramatic then any daytime shots. That's why I always go never know)

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