Sunday, March 25, 2007

Las Vegas

You can't get away from New York in Las Vegas. And from escalators. I was in town to shoot stills for the German movie Short Cut To Hollywood and I actually loved having the fake Manhattan right across the street from our Hotel Tropicana. The escalators get you up to bridges crossing the 'strip', in and out of casinos and even across the Rialto Bridge. And if you have to cross a street in ordinary fashion, the wait for the green light is spent fending off hordes of people slipping little advertising cards into your hands which sell all the same service. You get the idea.

Sooner or later one runs into some Elvis or two, they smile for a tip, money well spent, I can't get enough of Elvis impersonators. Viva Las Vegas, it was great, a strange and fantastic place at the same time, I wish I could show the images I took for the movie already, but the client (Bavaria Film) is first. Just stay tuned.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

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