Thursday, July 19, 2007

On my way to "Buddenbrooks"

I am leaving for Germany in less than 24 hours to shoot movie stills for Emmy Award winner Heinrich Breloer , who will direct “Buddenbrooks”. I have worked on two of his previous films, The "Devil’s Architect" (Speer und Er), with Sebastian Koch (below) and "The Manns" (Die Manns), where Armin Mueller-Stahl portrayed Thomas Mann (above) , who, as you might know, wrote the new movie Mr. Mueller-Stahl will also play the leading role . I am definitely looking forward to working with this great actor again.

But before I start my 3 month job on “Buddenbrooks” at the end of July, I have the pleasure to visit Caroline Link again, who is directing a new movie in Brandenburg/Germany. I shot one of my personal favorite movie stills on the set of her “Nowhere in Africa”(with Juliane Kohler in Kenya, below), which won the 2003 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

PS: My blogging activities might slow down a little due to the nature of the demanding job over the next few month, and I normally cannot show images from movie sets until they are released by the production company. But I will try my best to keep you up to date, so stay tuned !!!


  1. Makeda1:47 PM


    I'm gonna miss you. Looking forward to linking up in T&T! Until then......

  2. Those are some great stills.