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(update 11/01/2009: view Schweitzer movie stills)

I am currently working as the stills photographer for "Schweitzer" in South Africa, filming on this international movie about the life of doctor Albert Schweitzer began June 18. The image above (of actor Jeroen Krabbé) is the first one released by the German production company.
Following is the official press release:
Berlin, June 23rd 2008

Shooting has commenced in South Africa:
A Doctor without Borders:
Albert Schweitzer biopic heads for the big screen

Albert Schweitzer (Jeroen Krabbé)
(Copyright: © NFP / photo Stefan Falke)

On June 18 principal photography commenced for the international feature film production SCHWEITZER (WT). British director Gavin Millar (COMPLICITY, DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD) will honor the life and career of the legendary jungle doctor with a high-profile biopic. Shooting on locations in Cape Town and Port St. Johns, South Africa, production will wrap on August 13.

In the wake of NFP productions BONHOEFFER and LUTHER producer Alexander Thies now focuses on the great Nobel Peace Prize laureate: Born in Alsace (then part of Germany), Albert Schweitzer had established a reputation as a theologian, philosopher and musician when he and his wife Helene decided to go to Africa and establish a jungle hospital that was to become the symbol of his “Reverence for Life” ethic. As a humanitarian Schweitzer soon became a household name, enjoying immense popularity worldwide. His legacy prevails up to the present day.

The title role is portrayed by Jeroen Krabbé (LEFT LUGGAGE, THE FOURTH MAN), Schweitzer’s wife and assistant Helene is played by Barbara Hershey (PORTRAIT OF A LADY, HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, LANTANA). The talented cast includes Judith Godrèche, Samuel West, Jeanette Hain (as Schweitzer’s daughter Rhena), Jonathan Firth, and Armin Rohde (as Albert Einstein).

Synopsis: 1949 – the early years of the Cold War. Albert Schweitzer has become one of the most admired men in the world – thanks to the untiring humanitarian aid he provides as a doctor in his hospital in Lambarene/West Africa. Arriving in the USA with his wife Helene to raise funds for Lambarene, Schweitzer is caught between the battle lines of world politics. He has to decide if he can still stand by the fundamental ethic that has guided his life for decades. Nearly 75 years of age, he tackles one of the greatest challenges of his life – and Lambarene is the arena of an existential battle for the very foundations of our world.

SCHWEITZER is a co-production of Salinas Filmgesellschaft and Two Oceans Production, in association with ARD Degeto, supported by arte, and funded by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Medienboard Berlin–Brandenburg, Filmförderungs-anstalt, Hessen Invest, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, and Deutscher Filmförderfonds.

The agency VIA BERLIN is in charge of the publicity for SCHWEITZER. For further information please contact Hilde Läufle or Vivien Barel at phone +49 (0) 30-240 877 3 or via email

The first photos will soon be available for download on

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