Sunday, November 16, 2008

La Frontera

I have been thinking about a long term photography project about the border between Mexico and the United States for quiet some time, but could not really find a way to do it without falling into the trap of reporting about all the horrible crimes that plague the region. So I recently went to Tijuana to do a little research and make some contacts especially to artists and art related institutions working along the border, because 'border art' is what I will (mostly) focus on. Or at least try to... Ultimately I want to travel and photograph from ocean to ocean, which will take some time to accomplish because I can only visit the border in segments and in between paying jobs. And I am in no rush.
La Frontera: for more images click here
So I am looking for contacts to artists, businesses, human rights groups, NGOs, and to any type of organizations or persons with ties to or direct involvement in any type of cultural exchange between Mexico and the United States along the border !!

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