Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to normal for Crawford, Texas

The farm of Marc Neuman, (above) was as close as reporter Peter Hossli and I could get to outgoing (!!!) PresidentGeorge W. Bush's Ranch near Crawford. He is/was his next door neighbor. We were on assignment for SonntagsBlick magazine (Switzerland) to find out how this town and its 705 people would cope with his departure. Turns out that most were very happy to see the place go back to normal after 8 years of crazy security, helicopters, traffic, demonstrators ...

...we visited (in order of appearance, below): farmer Jerry Lynch, souvenier shop owner Jamie Burgess, Crawford's Police Chief Eddie McCoy, hairdresser Robin "Puff" Dietrich, Charlotte Latting behind the counter of a local diner, farmers and Bush neighbors Billy Lynch and Keith Lynch, W. Leon Smith, editor of ‘Icon Clast’, newspaper of Crawford, and teacher, president of Chamber of Commerce and ambulance driver, Marylin Judy, proudly presenting a photograph of her and President Bush. 

See the printed article here

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