Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kunstraum H&H

Luis Ituarte, the artist who owns the 'Tunnel Gallery' in Tijuana, suggested to me to visit Petra Hewel-Herrmann und Jens Herrman (above) while in Cologne, and I am glad I did because they themselves ran a gallery in Tijuana until two years ago, when they decided to move to Germany and open the Kunstraum H&H here. Since I am interested in anything 'Mexican border' (and especially the art scene in Tiuana) for my La Frontera project, it was great to hear their story and to see their new space in the heart of old Cologne. The painting is by German artist Hagen Rehborn, his current show at the gallery runs until October 22, 2009. Please visit www.kunstraumhh.com for more information about future shows ... artists from Tijuana included !!


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Hello Stefan,

    It was a pleasure for us having met you in Cologne at our gallery "KunstRaum H&H". Thanks for the link to our gallery website. The present solo show of Hagen Rehborn is really very special.
    Please keep us posted about your next steps regarding the LA FRONTERA Project. Feel free to contact us if you need information about Tijuana and its art scene.
    Have a safe trip back home to NY.
    Petra & Jens

  2. Hallo, ich kannte das Bild schon, die Galeristen hatten mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht. Gefällt mir natürlich sehr gut!

    Hagen Rehborn