Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jan Banning New Book 'Comfort Women'


During the Second World War, the Japanese army developed a whole system of sex slavery: in Asia, thousands of 'Comfort Women' were raped and forced to become prostitutes in military brothels. For the rest of their lives, these women have suffered the physical and emotional scars.

Photographer Jan Banning and author Hilde Janssen visited women who were victims of sexual violence and forced prostitution during the Second World War. In the book 'Comfort Women' by Jan Banning, 18 women talk openly about the issue – despite the taboos that still surround it. The book contains portraits of the women as well as Japanese war propaganda posters to illustrate both sides of the situation.

Documentary filmmaker Frank van Osch accompanied the photographer and author during their work on the project in Indonesia.

The photos and text from 'Comfort Women' by Jan Banning and Hilde Janssen will be on show at the 'Kunsthal' in Rotterdam from April 23 to August 27, 2010.

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