Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Making of Albert Schweitzer Film

I was just going through 'making of' images I shot during the filming of the German movie ALBERT SCHWEITZER Ein Leben Fuer Afrika in South Africa in 2008. I added lots of them to my website and I remember that job as probably my best ever, I just LOVED working there !!!

More images click here

All images @ NFP/Warner Bros./Stefan Falke

Directed by: Gavin Millar
DOP: Cinders Forshaw
Camera operator: Stuart Howell
with: Jeroen Krabbé, Barbara Hershey, Judith Godrèche, Samuel West, Jeanette Hain, Patrice Naiambana, Jonathan Firth and Armin Rohde

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  1. This is probably a long shot, but I'm writing a paper on Ein Leben Fur Afrika, and I was wondering if you knew why a project with German financial backing and mostly German talent was produced in English but then only released in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

    Or really any stories/information you have about the shoot would be interesting. Unfortunately my parents neglected to teach me German, so it's been hard to track down information.

    At any rate, I'm a film production student so I'm also just interested in set life in general.

    Paulina Bryant