Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bowling Lanes in New York Times Newsroom

In the dozen years New York Times columnist Dan Barry worked on his columns "About New York" and later "This Land" in the newsroom of the historic New York Times building near Times Square he could never have imagined that his workplace would one day turn into a bowling alley. But that is exactly what happened, Bowlmor Lanes opened its doors there recently with a sports bar, nightclub, restaurant and 50 (!) bowling lanes on two floors, divided into 7 lounges with themes like 'Times Square Lanes', the 'Chinatown Lanes', the 'Subway Lanes', and the 'Central Park Lanes' ... they should have designed one after the old NYT newsroom. Dan Barry meanwhile moved to the brand new New York times building on 8th avenue and if he ever feels like bowling, its only a few blocks away. He also wrote about Bolmor Lanes in the NYT here (photos © Stefan Falke for Die Zeit)

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