Saturday, January 29, 2011

iPhone - Good Camera Bad Phone

I hate to say this since I am a big Apple fan. But my iPhone 4 (which I bought for the better camera compared to the older model) is the worst phone I ever had. Dropped calls, sometimes slow or no internet, no automatic email push ... but hey, great camera ! A lot of the problems may have to do with AT&T (never understood that arrangement in a 'free market' and I am paying an outrageous monthly fee for it) and living in New York, but my iPhone 3 worked better... Apple gave me a new device last week ;-) but the problems persist. Now I am wondering, do I have to carry an iPhone to continue my iPhone photo series AND a BlackBerry or whatever to make and receive calls ... that would be really ridiculous.
Well, the good news is, they gave me a luxurious problem to complain about, keeps me from thinking about the real issues.


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Cannot agree to that, Stefan. Am using a factory unlocked iPhone 4, and hey, works pretty much just the same as did my 3gs before. Internet connection even better, at least no more dropped connection to my wireless routers at home and in the office. So for telephony, feels even better, voice clarity best I ever experienced. Then of course camera unsurpassed by any other smartphone I had before. Must be your provider?
    Best, Bern

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