Monday, January 03, 2011

iPhone Photo Addict

I bought the iPhone 4 just because of the much better image quality and its fast shutter response versus the 3. Otherwise I was perfectly happy with the old one, I actually prefered it for its shape alone. Anyway, now I am clicking away like a maniac, a walk to the supermarket can end in dozens of photos, and the shopping delayed for another day. I have always photographed a lot, and since I went digital, a lot more, but with the mobile phone camera it has become a different story, because I am having even more fun creating images, innocent ones so to speak, no pressure attached (well, not quiet true, for the professional photographer there is always pressure to get 'the shot'). And I discovered my love for the square format, which I never liked, I needed a direction in the image, and maybe because the medium format cameras are so damn expensive ... Now I shoot for the square which I accomplish with an app called ShakeItPhoto. I love the fake polaroid effect, somehow it suits these pictures well. And developing them is almost like the good old darkroom days. Not quiet. Just almost.
See my iPhone 3 images here ; iPhone 4 images here

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