Friday, June 03, 2011

Nassau County

Nassau County (or as seen from Brooklyn: the first part of Long Island right behind Queens) is one of the richest counties in the US and not only the 37 golf courses show it. There are big boats, big mansions and big name stores, like the ones on a stretch of Northern Boulevard called The Americana Manhasset, where the parking lot looks like that of a luxury car dealership. And then there are those nondescript places that look like any other place in Long Island, or in the US. Nassau County is also very broke, for the second time in a decade. I guess their government can't handle all the money so the State took over. Anyway, whatever the reason, I had a great time driving around the county photographing for German DIE ZEIT (text and interviews by Heike Buchter), it sure is a beautiful part of Long Island and I hadn't really been there yet ...

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