Saturday, August 06, 2011

Ludwig II film stills

I have been working as the stills photographer for the German movie production "Ludwig II", a new (Luchino Visconti shot one with Helmut Berger in the early 70s) film about the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, for about 2 weeks now. We are currently filming in Austria, which is very different from waking up in Brooklyn. It is absolutely beautiful here (so is Brooklyn !!!). We move around a lot, quiet an undertaking with a crew of 80, not counting actors and extras and of course, horses. The directors are Marie Noelle and Peter Sehr ("The Anarchist's Wife"), leading the cast as King Ludwig is the very talented newcomer Sabin Tambrea. He is in good company: Hannah Herzsprung, Justus von Dohnányi, Edgar Selge, Samuel Finzi and many other well known German actors are at his 'royal' side.
The work will continue until late November and I will post pictures here as soon as Bavaria Film and Warner Bros Germany give the ok. Until then, the material I shot so far is: secret.

The picture above shows one of the many many microphones our sound engineer Eckhard Kuchenbecker and his assistant Hannes Ullmann usually plant all over the movie set, which makes shooting pictures during the takes with the noisy D3 and the (a little less noisy) D700 difficult without a blimp. Which I just received from California and I will let you know about my experiences with it soon.

PS; I always wanted to ask this: Nikon, why are your great cameras the noisiest around ? The D3 sounds like it WANTS to be heard ...

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