Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Documentary Portrait Photography Workshop in Tijuana

I will lead the workshop 'Documentary Portrait Photography' in Tijuana/Mexico from march 7-10. at La Casa del Tunel. The gallery is just some yards from the US-Mexican border and sits on a (now closed) tunnel that was dug by drug dealers to transport their illegal ware to the US. The exhibition of my long term project La Frontera will open there March 9th and I could not think of a better location for both the show and the photography workshop. Only in Tijuana ...

About La Frontera: For my current long term project La Frontera I am planning to travel (in sections) along the Mexican/US border to photograph artists and other creative people in order to show the cultural side of a region which is portrayed by the international media with the sole focus on violence.

For more information:

The La Frontera project images:

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