Monday, August 13, 2012

Super Heroes on Super Fence

I just love the photo fence concept and how it transforms otherwise not exactly pretty places into exiting outdoor exhibition spaces. The newest one is at Anchorage place in Dumbo and being lazy today I copied this text from  "(super)heroes" was curated by Sam Barzilay, Director of United Photo Industries, as part of the NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program. It features artists from all over the world who approached the subject of superheroes as an allegory for a deeper exploration of a social issue, whether it be the innate desire of humanity to believe in powers greater than ourselves, gender roles and stereotypes or our dreams and aspirations as we transition from childhood to adulthood.(SUPER)HEROES FORM A FENCE AROUND THE MANHATTAN BRIDGE ANCHORAGE at Anchorage Place in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Art/photography by: Alex Gross – “Cabinet Card Paintings” Astrid Verhoef – “Clark Kent” David Graham - “Superman” Dulce Pinzon - “The Real Story of the Superheroes” Gregg Segal - “Super Heroes at Home” Maleonn - “Works” Nicolas Silberfaden - “Impersonators” Susanne Middelberg - “Wonderwoman” Walter Iraheta - “Kryptonita”.
My favorite: The “Superman” series by Dulce Pinzon about Mexican  immigrant workers in New York who send lots of money home.


  1. Hello. I started to write a blog about traveling, music, fashion and many others. It would be nice, if you'll visit me sometimes :)

  2. Great idea :) The city looks better.