Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Support LA FRONTERA project - phase 2

Please help me to continue my visits to the border to document the vibrant cultural life along the 2000 miles long divide !! https://igg.me/at/LaFrontera/x/860102

I would like to invite you to contribute to the next phase of my favorite project:
LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US-Mexico Border.
From the moment I set foot in Tijuana in November 2008 I realized that the border region would become the most compelling material of my life as a photographerI recognized that all the news about violent crimes told only a small part of life along the border. My discovery of a vibrant art scene flourishing back then was a great inspiration, and I urgently wanted to share its story. 
I have already photographed over 180 painters, muralists, sculptors, performance artist, poets, gallery owners and curators south (and some also north) of the US border in Matamoros, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, Mexicali, Tecate, Tijuana as well as San Diego, El Paso, McAllen and Brownsville.
But I'm not done yet, the project continues.
I'm planning to revisit some of the 180 artists whose work has had the most impact on their communities and produce in-depth interviews and videos about their lives and their art. Finding new artists will also be part of my expanded La Frontera project. 

The interviews, photographs, and videos will be published on the websiteborderartists.com, which will re-launch with a visually richer, updated and interactive design. I am also working on a book for the US and Mexico, which will include the new material. 
The new educational and entertaining website will be the heart of my LA FRONTERA project. I will invite art museums and cultural institutions from both sides of the border to add their calendars and other content to the site, and individual artists can to link to their work. An app for smartphones and tablets is planned.

Your contribution will help to accomplish this.

My ultimate goal is to develop LA FRONTERA into an interactive online community that will forge cultural connections along the entire 2,000-miles-long border.
I feel passionate enough about this project to ask you for your help. Here is what I need:
Funds for roundtrip air fare from New York as well as for lodging, car rental, and video equipment for three separate trips:
1. New York - Brownsville/McAllen/Matamoros/Reynosa/N.Laredo
2. New York - El Paso/Cidudad Juarez
3. New York - San Diego/Tijuana/Tecate/Mexicali
If funds permit I will include other border towns and cities, especially the city of Piedras Negras, since the state of Coahuila is not represented in my project yet!!.
(Funds to have the La Frontera website re-designed as described above. )

I appreciate you in advance!

Perks La Frontera 1-3:
My personal postcard to you (Raechel Running at the border fence near Agua Prieta, Mexico)

La Frontera solo exhibitions to date:
Casa del Tunel (Tijuana, Mexico), Casa Familiar (San Ysidro, California), The Mexican Cultural Institute (Washington, DC), IMAS Museum (McAllen, Texas), Cervantes (Frankfurt, Germany), The Mexican Embassy Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany), Photoville 2014** (New York, NY), The Triennial of Photography (Hamburg, Germany), 2015. 
** that exhibition was supported by the Mexican Cultural Institutes of New York and Washington DC, and BRIC Media House, Brooklyn.
Upcoming exhibition: La Frontera at Deutsches Haus at NYU in New York City, opening 04/28/2016  !!
Social Media: Instagram: @borderartists Facebook: LaFrontera  
The book: The LA FRONTERA book with photographs of all 180 artists from the project was published in Germany (German/Spanish) by Edition Faust:  Stefan Falke: LA FRONTERA  ISBN: 978-3-9815893-5-1  http://www.faustkulturshop.de/Edition-Faust/La-Frontera.html 

Perks 2 through 7: 
Border Collage
Perk La Frontera 5 special:
Border 01 (Border fence in Arizona, USA)

Border 02 (Border fence in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico)

Border 03 (Border fence between Nogales, USA, and Nogales, Mexico)
Perks La Frontera 9 through 11:
Border 10 - Raechel Running with US-Mexico flag at the border fence in Agua Prieta.  
All limited edition prints are signed and numbered, available in sizes: 
11 x 14 (29x36 cm), 16 x 20 (40x51 cm), and 20 x 30" (51x76 cm).
© Stefan Falke - All prints are produced by Luxlab, New York, on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 gsm.
(Please send me a message to stefanfalke@mac.com if you wish another image from "Border 11-22", shown below)
More images (also included in Limited Edition Portfolio Box, see below):

Border 11

Border 12

Border 13

Border 14
Border 15

Border 16

Border 17

Border 18

Border 19

Border 20

Border 21

Border 22

The Perks La Frontera 12 and 13:
The limited edition clamshell portfolio box is available in two sizes:
 11 x 14 (29x36 cm) - edition of 25, and 16 x 20 (40x51 cm) - edition of 15 (!). 
The box includes all 12+1 prints Border 10-22, as shown above.
© Stefan Falke - All prints are produced by Luxlab, New York, on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 gsm.
Below is the larger version, 16 x 20" (40x51 cm):

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