Thursday, February 23, 2006

Minshall goes Metal

Trinidad's formost and most inventive costume designer Peter Minshall is busy working on his Carnival band called 'Sacred Heart'. It will be as unusual as beautiful. After a few years of 'creative pausing' his Callaloo Company in Chaguaramas looks more like a metal workshop these days then like a mas camp. The main material in Carnival, fabric, is here replaced by galvanized metal, at least for the hat pieces. Local Artist Ana Serao and Rachel Ross are producing proto types of the head gear that will certainly get a lot of attention in the streets of Port of Spain on Carnival Tuesday. Meanwhile Minshall's king, 'Son Of Saga Boy' is watching the scene upside down just before getting a test run inside Callaloo's fantastic building. He will be in Friday's semi final Carnival's Kings and Queens contest.

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    der gefällt mir am besten von der Truppe

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