Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The German magazine HörZu sent me to Memphis a few weeks ago to shoot an editorial on Elvis impersonators at the Image of the King Contest. Along came the magazine's editor Martin Haeusler.

Our main focus for the story was on Oliver 'The Echo of Elvis' Steinhoff (, an excellent Elvis from Germany, shown here with two admirer-esses...who came in all ages and who easily outnumbered the contestants and there were many.
One of my favorites, Toki Toyokazu (below) from Japan, did not speak a word of English, but managed to announce on stage: 'I not speak English, I sing Elvis'.

The 2006 World Champion is:
Franz Goovaerts 'Elvis Jr.' from Belgium !!!

tear sheets:

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  1. Der Junge fetzt, diesen ernsten Blick hat er bestimmt lange geübt :).