Saturday, May 19, 2007

Samburu Kids

The normal case scenario for people living in a remote part of this planet who have been visited by a big film company shooting a major movie is that everything stays the same as it was before; maybe a few dollars have enriched the ones who run the place and local actors and workers have made a good living while on the job, maybe a few tourists visit because the place has become known because of the movie. But line producer Juergen Troester wanted to do more after we (I was the stills photographer) finished filming the German movie The White Masai (Die weisse Massai) in Samburu / Northern Kenya in 2004. With the help of some other good souls, Kenyans and Germans alike, and donations from the film team he created a non profit association with the goal to make the schooling of some of the local children possible; twelve of them are now attending schools, organized and financed by Samburukids ( ).
The idea was born amongst the team mainly because of our bright young actress Christine (above with her film grandmother Hellen Leshan and below, middle, with Nina Hoss) for whom attending a school would have been just a distant dream.
Below: actor Jacky Ido entertains his young spectators with some impressive soccer moves...

Please visit for more information, and needless to say, donations are highly appreciated !!
The White Masai was produced by Constantin Film in 2005, released in 2005, directed by Hermine Huntgeburth; with Nina Hoss, Jacky Ido and Katja Flint. The film is based on a true story, lived and written by Corinne Hoffmann.


  1. I am going to rent the movie in order to see Christine in action. I appreciate pictures that tell a story about peoples conditions, their problems and how they overcome them - some times with the help from strangers, like in this case. The love of life and humor radiates from her and her friends' faces. I checked her log in and it seems she is having some problems in school. But I bet she will overcome that.

  2. Juergen Troester12:56 PM

    Dear runar_h ...

    Christine overcame those school problems. Actually she is in a very good mood and one of the best in her class.