Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jacky Ido

I first met French actor, poet and film maker Jacky Ido in 2004 during the filming of "The White Massai" (Die Weisse Massai). He portrayed a Massai, I shot the stills. We have been in touch ever since, and, like a few weeks ago, he pops up in New York once in a while (above). I shot the image above with my pocket Canon G9, the ones below with a Fuji S2 Pro (well, this was 2004), some of my first serious digital images. The Fuji is replaced by two Nikons D200 and a D2X, The G9 is not leaving home without me...I started to love that camera.

more of my White Massai film stills here

I had taken pictures of Jacky in Paris (where he lives) two years ago, it is great to be able to shoot portraits of someone over a period of time, with both sides changing ...

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  1. Andreea6:57 AM

    Dear Mr. Falke, I am writing to you because I had the opportunity to watch "The White Masai" last night and I must say that I was charmed. Wonderful movie! I would have a great deal of beautiful things to say about it! And I plan to do so, to Jacky Ido, if you are so kind to give me his address so that I can write to him directly.
    I read you met him four years ago and have been in touch ever since, that's why I dare asking this from you.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    All the best,

  2. hi!yesterday I had watch jacky ido film, it was truly romantic and adventerous film I ever seen. I really fond of jacky ido and other actress work, it was totally superb.if possible can I have jacky ido email adresses?or his blog?

    Thank you,

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Hello Mr. Falke,
    wie geht es dir oder jambo?
    well i just have watched this son
    of Africa and im so proud of him..
    He has really melted into the lemelian character...

    would you be kind enough please to give me his contacts with his permission? since you seem to be interacting a lot.

    i thank you in advance.


  4. To all,

    please understand that I cannot give any personal information about anybody to anybody.

    Jacky Ido has sites on MySpace, please contact him there.

    Will all my respect, Stefan Falke