Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Governor's Island and Nikon's D200

I appreciated an invitation by the Foreign Press Center to Governor's Island, where I could test my Nikon D200 camera which I had just bought as a 'back up' to my D2X for a 3 month assignment in Germany. Since a new D2oo is hard to find these days, I bought it as a 'set', which is easier to come by.

Means I now own one of those cheap 18-135 mm lenses that I would normally hide behind the fridge or worse. But I took it on that trip and was pleasantly surprised. It is fun to use because it covers about all the focal lenghts that one wishes to cover and the quality is not that bad at all. Just don't expect any straight lines...

And I must say, I like the D200 (with power grip) almost better than my D2X. It certainy is sharper ! Too bad the files are smaller, otheriwse I'd rather have two D200's.
And one last thing I do not understand: why is the D2X as noisy as a shotgun ? For that price? As a photographer who works on movie sets a lot, the mirror/shutter noise is really unbearable. Is there a way to fix that, Nikon?


  1. DXO would straighten that len's lines better than a more expensive lens.

  2. Unas fotos fantásticas. La de la Isla me parece preciosa como si estuvieras llegando a otro mundo.
    Salud y suerte.

  3. Stefan I believe the word is Foreign


  4. dear bookman, I made that mistake on purpose just to see if you read my posts !!
    ...kidding, thanks, Stefan

  5. Anonymous10:52 PM

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