Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Makeda Thomas

Coney Island is always worth a visit. And using it as the location to photograph the dancer, artistic director and choreographer Makeda Thomas was great fun. We agreed quickly to meet there, Makeda used to attend high school im Coney .... Just recently she has been been invited to be a featured choreographer in this year's This Woman's Work: A Choreographic Project Representing Women of Color at Harlem's Aaron Davis Hall on 7 & 8th September. Please visit her blog ( for more information on her dance company Roots and Wings Movement ! ...and see the whole shoot on video


  1. I love the shadow of you to the right of the dancer.


  2. Hi Stefan,
    and now I realized that is in fact your shadow on ALL of the fotographs and not the one of Makeda.
    I love to notice, that you cling to that old style of yours, where you sometimes included yourself or your shadow or pictograms of your icon into some part of the picture. Like a signature, sort of.