Saturday, June 09, 2007

Support Operation Azra !

I came across this post on Lightstalkers and I thought it is something I should share with you. It is about an effort to finance a trip to and housing in France for a young Pakistani woman, Azra Latif, who has been the victim of an acid attack. She will receive several surgeries donated by the French NGO HumaniTerra. Being photographed in Pakistan by Stephanie Sinclair, she said “Everyone photographs me but no one helps”.
There are few ways these days where photography can change much, but here, thanks to Stephanie's effort to do something, we all can make a huge difference in (at least) one woman's life ! Please check out how you can help by taking part in an auction of prints by some very famous photographers !!! Please go to

Operation AZRA banner

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  1. Stefan, your heart is so kind to the cruelty of the soulless.