Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Team Photo

"Nowhere in Africa" (Nirgendwo in Afrika), Kenya, directed by Caroline Link

One of the most difficult tasks for me while working as a movie stills photographer is to shoot the team photo. First, it is extremely difficult to find a day and time of that day when everybody involved in the making of a movie is available, then finding a location where a large team can assemble and showing the location of the filming at the same time...but these images are a great piece of documentation, they show a place where all these people have worked for weeks and sometimes months, and everybody has different memories about his or her particular job. I start to appreciate these shots especially when looking at them after a few years, although I am never in any of them, oh well ... but I know exactly where I was when they were taken.

"The Devil's Architect" (Speer und Er), Germany, directed by Heinrich Breloer

"The Woman from Checkpoint Charly" (Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charly), Germany, directed by Miguel Alexandre

"The White Massai" (Die Weisse Massai), Kenya, directed by Hermine Huntgeburth

"Buddenbrooks", Germany, directed by Heinrich Breloer

Albert Schweitzer: Ein Leben fuer Afrika, South Africa, directed by Gavin Millar

Superbullen, Germany, directed by Gernot Roll

Ludwig II, Germany and Austria, directed by Peter Sehr and Marie Noelle

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  1. Stefan, hiya,

    I've done some of those crew pics on movie shoots. I've never enjoyed them much. I did one for 'Touching The Void', we'd all just come down from 12,00 feet up the Italian Alps, my cold camera fogged up due to the temperature at ground level, and stupid me took the lens off thereby misting up the mirror. All I could see was a vague ghostly misty crew....But the crew were I just had to stick a lens on, and hope that autofocus was going to do it's job....which thankfully it did.