Saturday, June 03, 2006

Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie II

My client UFA Fernsehproduktion just released these movie stills which I took recently while working for “Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie” (The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie) in Leipzig/Germany starring Veronica Ferres, shown above with Fillip Peeters.

The production continues in Berlin this week. Other locations will be Helsinki and Bukarest. Please also see my previous post ‘Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie I’.

The two part event movie will be shown on German tv sometime in 2007. I will keep you posted. Below Veronica Ferres and Peter Kremer during a scene before things turn bad...

Besides producing the movie stills I am usually busy shooting 'making off ' images....

1 comment:

  1. Eija Tervo5:19 AM

    Great pictures!
    We look forward to seeing your shots from Helsinki and Bucharest, too.
    Me and my journalist friend were invited by YLE people to help as "Schaulustige" in the Finlandia hall part of the movie, and we enjoyed the day very much. Thank God we had a sunny weather... Germany also won the match, so the day was perfect. As there is none of your favourite exotic teams left, we assumed it was a good day for you too;-).
    We wish you a nice stay in Bucharest!
    PS The excitement of the World Cup can be felt in your picture series - what a pity that you are travelling now...