Sunday, May 14, 2006

Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie I

My stills from the movie at "Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie"
and "Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie" billboard

I am currently working as a movie stills photographer in Germany for 'Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie' ('The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie') a two part event-movie for German tv directed by Miguel Alexandre (above) and produced by UFA-Fernsehproduktion (producer: Norbert Sauer) and MDR for ARD.
The movie tells the story of a brave young woman in the former GDR fighting for her right to speak her mind and to live in freedom with her children. It is starring Veronica Ferres, Peter Kremer and Filip Peeters.

The director of photography, Joerg Widmer, shown here working from the wing of an old Interflug airplane, also filmed the 'Buena Vista Social Club' for Wim Wenders. I am working with Miguel Alexandre for the second time (please see my post 'Störtebeker'). I cannot show images of the actors at this early stage of production, please visit again for more, but here are a few side shots that might give you an idea about the setting of the movie...

...the fish has nothing to do with our movie, it lives at the aquarium of the Leipzig Zoo, I just needed a visual balance to Erich Honecker's image above...

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  1. One of the reasons your photography is so very good is because you have the patience to wait for the shot to happen. Thank you so much for all of the images from the world cup. I can feel the revery. i feel as though I am also there in the midst of the fun.