Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Moko Jumbies Book on YouTube

For quiet some time now I was looking for a point and shoot camera that produces the quality images that I get from my Nikon D200. And that shoots raw !! Along came the Canon G9 and I tried to get myself one of these fine little 'toys'. Seems that I wasn't the only one looking, the G9 was sold out in most camera stores in New York. So I ordered one on Amazon (did I ever think I would buy a camera this way !) and kept on missing the UPS man ....well, long story short, it has arrived, love it already and the first thing I did was shooting this video, which is not what I bought the camera for but I tell you, it is fun shooting 30 frames per second once in a while. And nothing wrong with a bit of (free) advertising for my own book !!
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More about the book on this blog click here

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  1. Stefan!

    This is a wonderful way to get people to know about your work. And I love that you have "Stranger" in the background. Great post!