Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ultimate Holiday Gift !!!

Allow me to mention my coffee table book MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad again, a visual record of a stiltwalking school, the Dragon Keylemanjahro School of Arts & Culture, in Trinidad, with a preface by Goeffrey Holder and an introduction by Earl Lovelace. it has 216 pages with over 200 color photographs (ISBN: 0-9727661-3-8)
It is the only book about stiltwalking on the planet !!!
Please view pages from the book at:
www.myspace.com/stefanfalkeYou can order it from Amazon here:
Moko Jumbies: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad

Some reviews of the book:

Midwest Book Review:
Highly recommended, a top pick for art library holdings.
Children’s Books Author Maryann V. Macdonald:
You've never seen images anything like these...it's hard to find the words to describe them, so I'll try for just one: A boy in black and red with flowing gold "wings" is striding joyfully along a road bordered by a corrugated iron fence, but he has risen above that impoverished world on his stilts, and is profiled by the magic of a purple sky....
The Caribbean Review of Books:
Any artist who succeeds in opening up aspects of a culture to a foreign audience can count it as a job well done. When, however, that artist succeeds in opening up aspects of a culture to its own people, then the job becomes all the more remarkable. This is precisely what German photographer Stefan Falke has done with his resplendent book Moko Jumbies: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad. read the whole review

See portfolio: Moko Jumbies in Trinidad

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