Tuesday, November 04, 2008

El Presidente Obama

I am watching Barack Obama win the Presidential Election on BBC from a motel room in Tijuana, Mexico, kind of unreal, no noise outside, no cheers, life goes on south of 'La Frontera', the people whom I spoke to are all happy about the New President Elect, but nobody believes that it will change life in this very dangerous town or the border situation. (The image was taken in Brooklyn a few days ago)


  1. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Hi Stefan,
    and i am monitoring here from the Philippines.
    They have set up election watches in most big malls, with live feeds from tv and internet.
    Most filipinos are pro-Obama, so lots of cheers and partying going on already.

  2. Hi,

    diese Bild verkörpert alles was die Kampange Obamas aufgebaut hat. Ich halte sehr viel von ihm, dennoch ist er nicht Superman. Damit er erfolgreich Probleme lösen kann, werden meistens Opfer erbracht und super rettet die Opfer.

    Nichts desto trotz freue ich mich wie viele andere über den Wahlsieg Obamas. Krankenkassen und Soziale Hilfe stellungen sind in den USA sehr rar und ich hoffe das er seine Versprechen halten wird!


  3. Gabriela7:26 PM

    Hi Mr Falke! its me Gaby, the girl whom you met in playas de Tijuana while you were taking photos of the border line from this side.

    And in regards to your post about Obama: People here in the Border are currently more concerned with the actual wave of violence.
    And with Obama as the new president of USA all that we can really worry about is :Will this new president make things harder for us? will he bring a good or bad change? will he spread racism against us Mexicans and Latin-americans? and how will the relationship with USA turn out from here on?.

    I can´t say everyone is thinking the same, but i can assure you that most of the population that visits USA at least is thinking about that.

    Well thats all from my part Mr. Falke, i will keep looking at your work. And again it was nice meeting you.
    Thank you. Regards!