Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The weather was awful, the people were great. That pretty much sums up my visit to Perryton, Texas for German FOCUS magazine earlier this month. The story is a portrayal of the two most extreme political districts in The US - highest vote percentage for either the Democratic Presidential Candidate (Mayfair in Washington DC) or for the Republican candidate (Perryton, Texas) in 2004. Since not all of the 'Perrytonians' whom I had the pleasure to meet made it into the magazine, here they are, Democrats and Republicans united in one set of images, in the order of their appearance: Sheriff Terry L. Bouchard, Jerome and Bobette Doerrie, Gale Roger, Kerry and Cynthia Symons, Mike Miller, Dean and Nelda Slaughter, Susan and Barry Willis, Mary Jane Lofland and Deputy Sheriff Tommy Hernandez, Bruce Roberson, Jillian Whitehead (front) and her mother Christina Whitehead and sister Jera, Theresa Brillhart, and Jim Hudson.

click here to view the story in the magazine

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