Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Greensburg, Kansas

On assignment in Greensburg, Kansas, for SonntagsBlick magazine. This town, population once about 1400, was completely destroyed by a #5 tornado in 2007. Today it is the greenest town in America, thanks to some amazing people who came up with some very green ideas on how to rebuild their town from scratch. The name Greensburg was there already, action followed. For starters they passed a resolution stating that all city buildings larger than 4000 sf should be built to US LEED Platinum Standards, which is the highest possible. Then the town has its own wind farm, generating much more electricity than the 800 remaining Greensburgers need ... anyway, it was quiet an experience for us (journalist Claudia Steinberg came along) to meet all these amazing people trying to build a better, greener town rather than just rebuilding in old fashion. Respect to you, Greensburg !!! (all names at end of post)
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from top: Executive Director Stacey Barnes in front of 5.4.7 Art Center, Catherine Hart (program director of Greensburg GreenTown), Scott Eller and his daughter Stacey (in front of their new house), antique shop owner Gary Goodman, city administrator Steve Hewitt, mayor Bob Dixon, Matt Deighton (of Greensburg GreenTown), Jennifer Greenleaf (at her 'Turquoise Ranch Boutique' in the towns Business Incubator), Michael Estes (store manager at BTI-Greensburg John Deere dealership) and Tim and Kari Kayle (owners of Green Bean Coffe Co.).
More images at stefanfalke.com

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