Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tijuana Visits

Here is an edit of my portraits of all the wonderful people whom I have visited and photographed
for my La Frontera Project in Tijuana so far. I am still working on more photos, and I'll be in Tecate and Mexicali next week to continue working there. Ultimately I will cover the entire length of the US-Mexican border, but I need to return to New York first to seek funding for this project. (any ideas ??)
Thank you all who have let me take your picture ! Your support in Tijuana has blown me away, really.
And special thanks to Ava Ordorica, director of La Casa Del Tunel: Art Center (she hates being in pictures, see Nr 4). Ava, without your help this would have been very difficult to accomplish. If not impossible.
(The list of names is below the images)

Photos from top down:
Canamo (Band, Reggae and Ska), Alejandro Zacarias (artist), Ariana Escudero (murals), Arturo Rodriguez (La Caja gallery), Ava Ordorica (director La Casa Del Tunel: Art Center), Cesar Hayashi (doctor,painter), Christina Creme (or Siki Carpio, singer), Daniel Watman (border poet and activist), Franco Mendez Cavillo (painter), Frank Romero (artist, owner Local 29 store), Ruben Franco Notch and Ximena Jasso (Freelance store and Art Gallery, event space), Glenda (cafe owner, wants to be a drummer), Ingrid Hernandez (photographer), Jaime Ruiz Otis (artist), Dr. Javier Galavis (dentist, photographer), Javier Gonzales (owner, Culinary Art School), Algira Garzon Carballo (
Culinary Art School), Javier Plascencia (Chef, Miseon 19 and others), Josue Castro (photographer), Karina Munoz (TV moderator, cultural promotor), Leobardo Sarabia (movie critic, festivals), Luis Ituarte (painter), Manuel Varrona (painter), Marcela Guadiana (book designer), Mely Barragan and Daniel Ruanova (artists), Beto Ruiz (weaver) , Octavio Hernandez and Rosalba Velasco (TijuaNEO magazine), Oscar Ortega (sculptor), Oscar Romo (environmentalist) , Marcos Ramirez (artist), Plascencia Brothers (owners of Caesars and other restaurants), Rene Peralta (architect).

More images of this project from 2008/2009:

updated Tijuana Photos click here


  1. Excelente trabajo, felicidades Stefan!

  2. really great.,tnks again Stefan

  3. Very nice. The funding will appear. Hopefully I'll see you soon.