Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mexicali Portraits

I recently visited and photographed 10 artists in Mexicali, Mexico, for my long term project LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US/Mexican border.
In order of their appearance: Gani Guerrero, artist (above, Mexicali 7.2 refers to the 2010 earthquake); Carlos Coronado Ortega, painter, sculptor; Daniel Rosas, director of El Field with Alejandro Davila, producer, journalist (standing in Calexico/USA); Derrick Sparrow, co-writer, co-editor; Efren De La Cruz, painter; Fernando G. Rvas, artist and movie critic; Francisco Postlewaite, painter; Jaqueline Barajas, painter; Jorge Ortega, poet; Ruben GarcĂ­a Benavides, painter; Ruth Hernandez, painter.

more images from my work at the border:

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